The proposal to increase electricity rates should be cancelled,Doctors’ clinics are not commercial establishments!


The proposal to increase electricity rates should be cancelled.

Doctors’ clinics are not commercial establishments!

Nagpur – In modern times, electricity has become essential for every human being. No one wants to be deprived of it at any moment. But when the time comes to pay the bills, stress is bound to come. The poor, middle class, and those employed on low-pay scales have more problems. They are already burdened with the burden of inflation and the electricity bill is a headache for them. An increase of 37 to 45 per cent on items of daily necessity like electricity will put them in huge trouble. Indirectly, the side effects of this increase will be seen in other areas as well.

Coal is available on subsidy to MahaGenco for power generation. Despite this, there are question marks on the increase in electricity rates. MERC and Mahagenco officials should keep public interest paramount. They should know that the above sections always have hopes that when will they get rid of the hike. Then when will our dreams come true that electricity, a commodity of daily need, should be available free of cost without any cuts!

On the other hand, MERC and MAHAGENCO need to take cognizance on their own, considering the decision of Hon’ble High Court of 1977 with foresight regarding doctors’ clinics, where they do not come under commercial activity i.e. commercial establishment. In which the clinic has not been described as a commercial establishment in a decision of the Hon’ble High Court. It can be read at this link –

In this context, Dr. MA Rasheed, Secretary, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Nagpur and Dr Naeem Niyazi, President of Medical Service Society, Nagpur, has demanded that the proposal to increase electricity rates should be cancelled immediately. The doctors and Orders should be issued soon to give exemption to the non-business people mentioned in the link, whose surcharges are being considered as commercial establishments.